"This Journey Called Life" has taken me on on some crazy adventures. These collections feature insight into those journeys. I invite you to explore these images or even let me know how I can help you capture images of your experiences.


Mom's & Tots Collection

Recently exhibited at the Charlotte Art League

This mixed media collection combines texture and bold abstract backgrounds inspired by rusty old things and lava flows to create a whimsical look at mama animals and their babies.

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I loved the image I saw of this mama Giraffe kissing her baby and the awkwardness of that kiss planted on youngsters by their parents. Nurturing does not always look smooth sometimes it happens in those awkward places. It also speaks of importance of having healthy parents in our lives to help us understand the way we are meant to be loved.

The Call

There is a unique voice being released in this season right now. One that is making ready what is to come. A voice that brings fire and life in it. it is meant to go into the wild places and be taught to a younger generation. I feel this image captures that.

Your Here With Me

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Whimsical Animals

This series began with a picture of a crow on a bird feeder camera. I loved his quizzical expression. I am also fascinated with dramatic and bold backgrounds. This series was and exploration of combining the two together. The crazy abstract backgrounds and pair them with these whimsical animals to create a unique, bold and funny series.

More to come soon ...

Knock, Knock Who's There

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Just Hanging In There

The Beauty Within

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Let Go & Be Free

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Within Reach

"Within Reach" speaks to the place where things seem like they are out of our reach. Only this one has the carrot in the place where it is now within reach! So, it is speaking to those out there who are fighting to see a promise be fulfilled. So, if you just stretch a little bit more, take that leap of faith, or just put one foot in front of the other. Then you will see your breakthrough.

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Be Together - Mixed Media

The Milan Journey

In the year of 2020 I felt like the Lord had a Journey. He invited me to fulfill a dream of going to Art School. I never could of imagined the magnitude of that journey. These are the many paintings that I did during my studies at Milan Art Institute.

Be Together - My Voice Piece

Flight of Freedom

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Taste the Rainbow

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The Divine Dance

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The Journey

The Gate Collection

These paintings are images given to me during my season at the Gate Church in Charlotte. Each painting has a unique story that goes with it. These stories were inspired by life events I experienced while attending this church. All of them were painted at different services. They also have a message that communicates about what God was doing during these times.


The Journey

Pick One

Here Comes The Sun

Sweet Fragrance

Wave With Dove

Up From The Ashes

Bethel Collection

These represent the season of me seeking the Lord and the images and understanding as I studied

Family Tree

Original Sold

The Invitation

Original Sold

A Season Of Abundance


Up From the Ashes

All Things Made New